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Greetings group ^_^

I'm Laura, 21, just graduating college (official graduation ceremony:8 days away!) and doing my very best to keep my positive attitude. When i found this community I thought i'd be a nice way to keep a little joy in my days.

In the spirit of the info on the user page, i thought i'd write a list of things i'm grateful for/that make me happy!
my friends(and family), who continually surprise/amaze me, and make me feel incredibly loved at the most unexpected moments
music, which is my therapy, my sanctuary, and just revives me
the little rubber duck on my desk, that makes me smile every time i look up at it
the pillows my mother made me that are so soft and comfy
birds chirping out my window in the mornings
yummy flavored lip glosses
sunny days when i can just sit outside and feel the warmth and feel completely at peace
the old-fashioned camera my father gave me, and how it feels like i'm somewhere completely new when i'm using it
the rejuvenating feeling of walking on the beach

the fact that right now, as scary as it may seem, my entire life is ahead of me, and its direction is undetermined. and i can do absolutely anything

I hope this follows the spirit of the group, have a beautiful day everyone!
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