Rydw i'n hoffi coffi (mactavish) wrote in angst_free,
Rydw i'n hoffi coffi

A few days ago, deyo did something for me, I don't remember what, that involved some degree of sacrifice, and joedecker was involved . . . I don't remember what it was, just a basic perhaps taking-care-of-one-of-my-responsibilities, or something, and as I drove off with joedecker I had a brief twinge of guilt and thought, "What if he really minds?" Then I remembered that he's always honest about that, that I don't have to wonder if deyo is "just saying" something. If he says it's fine, it's fine.

This afternoon, I not only was fine with him going off to a movie with someone else, I suggested it: "If it's hot, you should go to a movie." I still feel like in heat like this, one of us should be here with the dogs in case power goes out, so we can skip Dodge if we lose the fans, but that doesn't mean we both needed to go. And I don't mind, if I'd minded, I wouldn't have said I didn't, and if I'd said I minded, he wouldn't have gone.

There's the kind of honesty where you can trust your partner isn't stealing from you, or isn't cheating, or whatever. Then there's the kind where you can trust he's not being passive-aggressive. I think this kind is just as important as the other,
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