Isabella (isabellacantino) wrote in angst_free,

ahhh my life is so happy

my life is a huge rollercoaster and many times I find myself swooping out of control but recently I am completely grateful for what life has given me because everything currently is PERFECT, I'll tell you my struggle and how I ended up here! It will make you oh so happy! YAY!

my life was full of struggle and restraints, full of confusion and anger, especially in public high school. Everyone upset me and I used to be very angsty.
   then I found the Clearwater school on the internet, this was a breakthrough, the woman on the phone sounded very understanding and she said her son was very excited to meet me. this would end up to be the best decision of my life. I toured the school and it was amazing, there were no classes no grades no nothing! but it WORKED...its hard to explain but it teaches children responsibility they want to learn at a very young age. I met my current boyfriend there, the woman on the phone was his wonderful mother,  his family is amazing, I can talk to them about anything any problems, I feel free now, before I would have to hide all my secrets from others' scrutiny and judgements but now I feel completely free to be who I really am and I'm no longer ashamed of it either!

my boyfriend loves me and I completely changed his life: he has been at this school his whole life and the major setback is that there are very few girls his age there because he was there at the beginning so there are mostly small children. he had never had a girlfriend much less a CRUSH and now he has me and I have him, and its much different than the forced relationships back in high school because he is so much more mature than those guys, he even works for microsoft(and has loooottts of money btw ;) I just wish others could know what its like to not have to hold back on who you are and be able to let go and remember yourself like I did because before I thought it was impossible and now I am completely at peace even though I do have small problems in my life...they just cant bother me like they used to!

I am 17 now and when I go to college I am deeply afraid that all the fear will return but now at least I know what it feels like to be alive and god am I grateful for it!

I want to say so much more but all I can think of to say is: I'M SO HAPPY! so I'll shut up and hope to god I wont get flamed

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